About Us

We are two passionate experts in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence with over 15 years of experience working for various companies across the globe.

Philippe Vogler – Senior Penetration Tester/Red Teamer

Philippe is a cybersecurity analyst leaning towards offensive security. His primary areas of expertise and research are web applications, APIs and infrastructures. He holds a MSc from Telecom SudParis in Network & System Security. Through his positions in leading penetration testing companies, Philippe has experience consulting for companies in most sectors from banking to public sector.

In his free time he focuses on private bug bounty activities, blockchains/cryptocurrencies and on applications of AI/ML in offensive security.

Qualifications and Achievements

Wassim El Youssoufi – Machine Learning Researcher

Wassim is a ML/AI research scientist with 8 years of experience in tech startups. He has worked on biomedical engineering, adtech and autonomous vehicles applications, and co-authored four patents. Wassim holds a MSc from Telecom Sudparis and has been interested in cybersecurity since his teenage years.

He is a keen reader and a lover of languages.

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