Combining our custom AI and a manual approach, we empower you to secure your web applications, APIs, infrastructure and AI-related systems with unparalleled depth and efficiency.

The Web Application Pentest is partially based on the latest OWASP Top Ten framework, which guarantees that your application is tested against the most critical vulnerabilities. Our manual testing and AI-boosted framework help you uncover a wider range.

Infrastructure Penetration Tests identify and expose both internal and external security vulnerabilities and misconfiguration within your systems and networks. They simulate real-life attacks and provide a realistic view of your level of exposure to cybercrime. Understand what an insider or an external entity would attempt against your network.

The API Pentest is based on the latest OWASP API Security 2023 project which covers the most common and high impact security issues known for APIs. Keep your web, mobile, thick client or AI/ML APIs safe.

AI/ML Penetration Tests evaluate AI/ML models, including Large Language Models (LLMs), against adversarial attacks and identify vulnerabilities to ensure the overall safety of the model, its components, and their interactions with the surrounding environment.

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Offensive Security Certified Professional

Demonstrates ability to identify vulnerabilities and execute organized attacks under tight time constraints.

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Offensive Security Certified Expert

Proves mastery of advanced penetration testing skills while also demonstrating lateral thinking and working under pressure.

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Synack Red Team

Our consultants are part Synack Red Team alongside over 1,500 of the world’s most skilled and trusted security researchers.

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